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Andy Gubbels

My name is Andrew Gubbels and I am the co-owner of Padgett Orillia and Barrie locations. In 2000 I had the pleasure of partnering with Nancy Stabback and helping to grow Padgett into what it is today. My background is in business leadership, management, and consulting. I have walked the long hard road of entrepreneurship and understand the challenges small business owners face day to day.

I serve on the Padgett Advisory Board that regularly meets to discuss the concerns of more than 400 franchises across North America. I am also active in local business groups that help small businesses grow their visibility, credibility, and profitability.

Nancy Stabback

My name is Nancy Stabback and I am the proud owner of Padgett Orillia and co-owner of Padgett Barrie. In 1998, I made a decision to invest in the Padgett Business Services franchise in Orillia expanded operations & include the Padgett Barrie franchise in 2014. In doing so I joined strength with over 400 other Accounting Professionals across Canada and the United States. I have personally owned and operated small businesses including restaurants, a general store and income properties. I know how small business owners think and can use my experience and expertise to help them overcome the many hurdles they encounter on an ongoing basis.

I am active in a local Business group, and have served on the Padgett Business Services Advisory Council, and am a past member of the Barrie Business Enterprise Resource Network Board.

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